Rupandehi District Army PTI Training Center

हामी तेस्तोकाम गरछौ जो अरूले गरदैन्न । िलङकन स्पोट्स/गोेर्खा िफटनेस ट्रेिनङ सेन्टर/गोेर्खा एकडमी जस्ता ट्रेिनङ सेन्टर लाई लूिम्बनी अञ्चल मै चर्चा मा पुराई हाल आफनै ट्रेिनङ सेन्टर गोेर्खा स्पाेट्स ट्रेिनङ सेन्टर बुटवल १५ बेलवास मा अत्याधुिनक तथा नया व्यवस्थापन का साथ लाहुरे तािलम गराईन्छ ।


बुटवलमै सबैभन्दा फरक फिजिकल टे्र्निङ्ग सेन्टर शतप्रतिशत नतिजा लिङ्कन स्पोर्टस तथा गोर्खा फिटनेशका पूर्व प्रशिक्षक तथा Ex Army संचालित गोर्खा स्पोर्टस टे्र्निङ्ग सेन्टर मा ब्रिटिश आर्मी, सिंगापुर पुलिस तथा ईन्डियन आर्मी को लागि आवश्यक तालिम गराइन्छ । साथै Education, Games, Hostel , Dieting आदिको व्यवस्था छ ।
Many More Facality Cantact Us


Preparation Checklist


Before you embark on your Soldier career, you’ll need to know what to bring, what not to bring, and how to prepare yourself for the journey. Your recruiter can also provide you useful information on what to expect at GSTC + Pre Army Training.


The following information will make your transition from civilian to Army life easier. Listed below are required items, along with items that will not be permitted.

  • Three sets of underwear
  • One pair of white, calf-length athletic socks (no color bands, designs or logos). Additional socks can be purchased at the post exchange (PX)
  • A pair of comfortable shoes
  • Luggage should be limited to one small suitcase or gym bag

Gorkha Sports Training Center lies along the mountains of the central portion of the Butwal. The narrow track of Belbas plains is covered by thick tropical forest known as the Jawai. Join us today to make successful career.

BELBAS BUTWAL 15, RUPANDEHI, NEPAL : 32907 Mob : 9804498749 ,9847044509